Let time take time

Nowadays we are living in a society of instant gratification:  instant coffee, instant breakfast, food delivery, we can fly over a continent in just a few hours, and so on.

Undoubtedly, many of us when decide to have a life that is worth living, look for the instant answer to all of our problems.  However, having a better life, a meaningful life, is a process.

It takes time to exercise the best within ourselves, to allow our values and virtues to flourish.

We need to exercise the best of what we have inside us in order to build it and let it grow. The same way we need to go the gym and exercise our muscles to strengthen them, we need to exercise our minds daily with mindfulness, positive emotions and gratitude for a healthy mind.

It is a process to learn how to cope with our stress, anxiety and sometimes depression. Building a healthy mind takes time, change takes time, and healing old wounds takes time: there are no immediate or ready-made solutions.  However, Mindfulness meditation and Positive Psychology can lead us to the answers that are right for us.

We all have dark times in our lives and less desirable aspects of our personalities, and yet we still have the happy times and a brighter side. We have values and virtues. The journey to better times is often what make us happier, stronger people. We need to stop expecting instant relief and we may then realize that where we are now is exactly where we should be in life.

Today’s reminder: One day at a time. No matter what is going around you, keep moving forward. Trust in better days and recovery. Let time take time.

Enjoy your life as it is right now with no judgment.