Time to relax

In our chaotic lives, it can often be very difficult to find time to just relax.  Even in our free time, we are busy with television, Netflix, Facebook and so on.

However, I challenge you just for today to take half an hour for yourself to be quiet and relax.

It may sound like a very simple thing to do until you try it.  Most people find it difficult to spend time alone, taking a few minutes for themselves, and doing nothing.

Probably your mind will start to talk, or even scream at you: “How dare you sit and do nothing?” or  “How could you just stop doing whatever you are doing to rest?” or “This is stupid, you have a lot of things to do. Get back to work!  Turn on the television!”.

Please, don’t listen to your mind.

If you find it difficult to set aside 30 minutes in your busy schedule, you can start with 5 minutes, 10 minutes, it doesn’t matter.  Allow yourself to just be, and do nothing.  Just breathe and be alive, making time for you.

Doing nothing is a hygienic procedure, cleaning your mind and laying down your burdens. In your “doing nothing time”, you can pray, meditate and let you be yourself in the essence.  There are no needs, no harsh judgements, no obligations.


Find the peace that it is beyond your mind.

Find your internal peace refuge.

Learn to be with you and eventually enjoy your own company.

No matter what is going on, dive deep into yourself and get a perspective of your life by just sitting quietly in the midst of turmoil. Let yourself be what you are. Live and let live.

If there is a problem that you cannot manage, let life bring you the wisdom to deal with it.  Let all of your problems go away, and for some minutes just acknowledge that you are alive, that you breathe and that you have a quiet place inside you.

Care about yourself.

Be gentle with yourself.


Airamaia Alves